I “discovered” Shana a few months ago and I am ecstatic that I can finally say I have found the BEST massage therapist in the Buffalo area.  I live in Williamsville and have been to just about every spa out there.  I have spent a lot of money only to leave the table disappointed time and again.  So, when I first met with Shana, I thought, “God, I hope she is good”.  Well, good doesn’t even begin to do Shana justice!  Shana is five stars all the way!  She has what I like to call “miracle hands”!  Not only does she actually listen to what you need she CARES about you and your well being.  I have gone to specialist and chiropractors for years and Shana is the only one who has been able to make my pain dissipate.  I will forever be grateful to her and her talent.  I am so thankful that I FINALLY found the “ONE”. 


Williamsville, NY 


Holistic Bodywork provided me with a fantastic massage experience! Not only was I asked where my areas of concern were, I had those needs met. I experienced true release from gripping muscle tension and was able to allow and surrender to the peace of mind that followed as a result of Shana's thorough, compassionate and sincere approach.  It is evident that Holistic Bodywork offers high-calibre professional therapy based on experienced training, technique and practice. In a  soothing environment, they take massage therapy to the next level with their openness, warmth and thorough attention to the pertinent details of the client.  I would recommend Holistic Bodywork treatments to anyone who is seeking truly professional therapeutic massage benefits as well as a wholesome, serene experience––You'll be in good hands!


Cheektowaga, NY

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I appreciate your professionalism which began with your greeting me at the door then taking time to talk with me about what might be going on with me physically all the way through to giving me a bottle of water and reminding me to stay hydrated after my 90 min massage.  I've had massages in the past where the massage therapist initiated conversation that would go on the entire massage.  I believe I got more out of this massage because I was allowed to totally relax and focus on the massage not having conversation.  You are able to adjust your pressure easily depending on what I preferred and you didn't have heavily scented potpourri's or oils for those of us that are sensitive to perfumes etc..Thank you,


Amherst, NY


It was my first visit to Holistic Bodywork on Sunday August5th.  I was thoroughly excitedbecause it was going to be my first hour and a half massage.  To my surprise, Shana came out to greet me.  She was very friendly & I felt verycomfortable speaking with her about my medical history and previousmassages.  She asked me what areas Iwanted her to focus on most as well as the amount of pressure that I wantedapplied. The entire atmosphere was relaxing; from the waiting room to themassage room.  I felt soo relaxed duringthe massage that I even fell asleep a couple of times.  She spent a lot of time on my upper back andneck and got rid of all of the knots and tension in that area.  She has incredible strength andtechnique.  She was very personable andprofessional.  She did not talk duringthe massage unless I asked her a question. I appreciated that because I have been to massages before where themassage therapist talked the entire time. From head to toe the massage was fantastic. When the massage was over, Ididn’t want to get up. But when I finally did, I felt like a new person.  Shana is by far the best massage therapist Ihave been to.  I was eager to makeanother appointment.  If you are lookingfor results, Shana is the one you want to go to.  You can tell that she cares about hercustomers. She even had a chocolate candy on my pillow before the massagestarted.  Even the littlest things likethat make me want to return.  Thank youShana for an amazing experience!!




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